Stadium FC Tigers reach National Final round in Calcutta -Hero Junior League 2018-19 (U15)

Stadium FC’s training methodology once again gave fruit when, among the 16 teams that reached National round almost all of which were ISL or I-League club teams, Stadium FC was the ONLY private academy! Among the In a competition of 90 youth clubs across India, the young team of Stadium FC Tigers reached the National Final Round played at Kolkata. At Zonal level, the Tigers topped their group by winning all their games and gaining 24 points, beating all other clubs. The Tigers were truly deserving of the final round birth by humbling the opponents with scores like 14-0 against Jain Academy, 9-2 against Football School of Bangalore, 7-0 against Boca Juniors and 10-0 with Roots Academy.

The National Final Round games were no different! In its opening hard fought nail biter, Stadium Tigers defeated the I-League Giant Aizwal FC with 5-4 and then demolished Birachandra Sporting from North east India with a 6-1 score. Both games established the rising superiority and talent development process of the Stadium FC until the Tigers lost to the reigning champion Minerva FC. The Tigers completed their journey in the League with: Stadium FC becoming the SECONG HIGHEST GOAL SCORING TEAM in the country with 67 goals Winning ALL games and Topping their group in Zonals – The Left Winger Tiger of exceptional speed, Khaling Angshuirong, becoming the 10th highest goal scorer across the country. – Defeating a I-League club giant from North East India – Aizwal FC.

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