Stadium FC Tigers Outclass ISL/I-League clubs – Hero Elite League 2019-20 (U17)

Stadium FC advanced and scientif ic training once again showed its result! Stadium Tigers stood at 3rd position in the Regional Group of Chennai & Bengaluru, shoulder to shoulder to the I-League Division 2 club “Ozone FC”. Standing at same 18 points with Ozone FC, Stadium FC stood above the ISL club Chennayin FC and Local academies of Boca Junior and FC Madras.

The much younger team of Stadium Tigers gave extraordinary performance against the ISL and I-League clubs of Chennayin FC and Ozone FC. In the 2 rounds with Chennayin FC , the Tigers draw both the games with the superstar ISL club team with 0-0 score in both games . Against Ozone FC, the Tigers won a game with 1-0 and Draw the 2nd game with 0-0.

Boca Juniors continued to face defeat against the Tigers with a 5-2 and 1-0 scores  and FC Madras was completely outclassed by the faster Tigers with 7-1 and 5-1 scores.

Bengaluru FC  stood at the top of the group before the

League was stopped due to Covid19.

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