Stadium FC– 2nd Highest Goal Scoring Team in the Country – Hero Junior League 2018-19 (U15)

The Stadium Tigers prolific Goal scoring in the League led them to become the 2nd Highest Goal Scoring Team in the League. With a total of 67 goals scored, the Tigers were well above the top ISL and I-League clubs and all other larger and better funded private youth academies in the country. Bengaluru FC with 89 Goals stood at the number 1 spot as highesht Goal scoring team of the Country. The top goal scoring games won by Stadium Tigers were against Birachandra Sporting (6-1), Aizwal FC (5-4), Roots Academy (10-0), Jain Academy (14-0 & 5-0 ), Football Academy of Bangalore (9-2 & 5-1), Boca Juniors (7-0).

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