STADIUM FC Residential program develops student-athletes with a unique and player-centric focus .Training methodology focused on individual development  & team strategies to a regular academic schedule that mirrors overall development of a personality . Stadium FC’s total athletic development model and unparalleled dedication of coaches provide student-athletes with an opportunity and a platform to reach their peak potential both academically and athletically.

2020 – 2021 Health and Safety Information:

Stadium FC Academy is maintaining a safe and secure campus environment following all National and State Covid19 safety guidelines . Our on-campus health & safety protocols include:

  • Limiting campus visitors
  • Proper social distancing guidelines
  • Cloth face coverings/masks inside and where appropriate
  • Additional touchless hand sanitizer dispensers across campus
  • Increased disinfecting efforts of all major touchpoints, including gym equipment
  • New dining room mandates and table separations
  • Recommended self-isolation guidelines

Stadium FC Methodology:

  • Elite training methods
  • Video based analysis of the players with GPS enabled technology
  • High level competition based league participation
  • Regular class room based sessions to improve strategy
  • Complete access to facilities, accommodation and transport
  • Trained under highly skilled, certified and experienced coaches

Soccer Program Structure

Stadium FC Academy’s soccer program is structured across 10+ months of training and continued development . The players  are introduced to the highest level of club-like competition and tournament play as part of their development process and the best of the batch go on to represent Stadium FC in National league .

The program has defined age-specific workloads and training programs to ensure that all players progress through the program and maximize their potential. Training includes team field sessions with an emphasis on decision making and tactical game management, individual development plan sessions inclusive of video analysis and team building / leadership, and games .

The program  follows Academy’s defined style of play and Philosophy covering attacking and defensive concepts , transitions  , set plays etc.

The Program prioritize both academics and athletics .Training includes position-specific instruction as well as team strategies and foundational tactics, speed of play, and proactive thinking on the field. Skills such as strength and conditioning, communication skills, and leadership are also emphasized throughout the year to ensure maximized.

Players , in guidance of the Player development Staff , set up an individual development plan with overall long term goals, short term measurable objectives, and mutually agreed upon outcomes over the cycle. Every 6-week period, coaches and players review their progress and set new objectives when necessary ahead of the upcoming cycle.

Club Teams & Tournaments

Stadium FC Residential program is comprised of players that become part of teams ranging from U14  & U17 Level . The beginning of the season includes trials and a starting point for players to compete and then progresses into an atmosphere where players  have the ability to transition amongst teams for the greatest development opportunities.

National official Annual Youth League of All India Football Federation

  • STADIUM FC NATIONAL ELITE TEAM (U17) – Participation in Hero Elite League
  • STADIUM FC NATIONAL JUNIORS  TEAM (U14) – Participation in Hero Juniors League
  • STADIUM FC NATIONAL SUB JUNIORS TEAM (U12) – Participation in Hero Sub Juniors League 

State official Annual Club League of Bengaluru District Football Association

  • Stadium FC Open age Team – Participation in BDFA Club league 

Annual Academy Showcase

  • Stadium FC U17 & U23 players are showcased to professional cubs in an annual year ending event.

Bolton Wanderers FC International Football Program

Individual Players, based on talent and potential, are offered a chance to be part of Bolton Wanderers Annual ELITE EVENT in UK.
The exposure helps the player to compete and compare his abilities with international players in the event and fix next level of development program.



Stadium FC Academy’s provides opportunity for all players to continue their football training side by side with their Education to succeed at the next level. Players have the option to select their courses ahead of enrolling into the education program that best aligns with their academic and athletic goals.  Education is  provided through a government recognized board of NIOS (National Institute Of Open Schooling) and regular physical and/or digital classroom sessions are done  as part of player daily routine.  The cost of Education is charges separetaly. For more details please feel free to contact us.