The complete football program offered by Stadium FC is based on a ‘Progressive’ philosophy! The program not only aims at creating champion players but also champions in life with equal emphasis  given to building self confidence, & Teamwork.

The UNIQUENESS of our program lies in the fact that that EVERY player has an opportunity to improve at whatever age and ability he/she is .The Academy coaching staff helps build self confidence in each player with every small improvement that the players make’s. With such aided self improvement the players learn and improve faster. All players are evaluated periodically and players from the age of U13 onwards get a chance to be part of the “Hero Youth League teams ” and participate in a National Tournament.

Select  players  of Elite U17 & U23 Pro group, who achieve Advanced level / Hero youth  League  Team Level, are eligible to participate in Stadium FC Annual Showcase Event  where scouts of Professional clubs are invited to Scout talented players who might get a call for trials with such professional clubs , leading to Professional  opportunities.